[USC] 同學們請小心

今天收e-mail,有一封學校公共安全部寄來的信。USC的學生對這種信應該也習以為常了。反正又是告訴大家又有學生在哪裡被搶了阿,或是又有那裡被偷了阿。這種主旨為「Crime Alert」的信可能很多人都直接刪除的吧。因為真的幾乎天天都有的阿,USC本部校區附近真的是還蠻精彩的,晚上叫我自己一個人走出學校我都有點怕。有興趣看一下的朋友們可以來這邊看,點每天的日期可以看到每天Department of Public Safety的日誌。天天都滿滿的紀錄阿。




DATE & TIME OF OCCURRENCE:  September 21, 2007, 8:00 PM

LOCATION:  1100 block W. 27th Street (Off-campus).

REPORTED OFFENSE:  Complainant was walking on 27th Street at Hooverwhen suspect 1 approached her from behind grabbed her at her face,covered her mouth and pulled her back towards a white, parked sedan. Suspect attempted to force her into the vehicle head first.  Complainantbegan to elbow, kick and scream and was able to break free from thesuspect.  Suspect returned to the parked sedan, which made a U-turn anddrove westbound on 27th toward Orchard and out of view.  No weapons were used.

SUSPECT DESCRIPTION (provided by complainant):

Suspect # 1:  Male, Hispanic, 5’4", approximately 145 pounds, 35-40years of age, wearing a grey short sleeved T-shirt and blue jeans.

Suspect # 2:  Unknown Driver




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