UCI真的是很怪的一個學校,在我之前在抱怨UCI怎麼不給我任何消息的幾天後,就收到UCI的一封e-mail(如下)說很抱歉,不能給我admission。今天下午又突然來電話說又可以收我了,問我要不要去,問我是不是對這個admissioin有興趣。可能是當初被放在waiting list上吧?!那幹麼寄那封e-mail給我嘛,真是很傷人的一封e-mail耶。真是無言…Sincerely你的大頭鬼啦!不過在電話裡我還是不爭氣的說我還是有興趣 -_-" 可是USC怎麼看都好像比UCI好耶!就是貴了點…嗯…是很多點 @@

Top 500 World Universities – UCI 排名第44,USC排名第40
2005年度最新美國大學理工學院排名 – USC排第六?真假 @@

Dear Jack Chen,

Your application for admission to graduate study in Mechanical and
Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, Irvine has
been given serious consideration by the admissions committee. I must
regretfully notify you that your application to our graduate program
for Fall 2006 has been denied.

In view of the large number of well-qualified applicants and the
limited number of spaces available, the admissions committee must be
selective in making its recommendations.  The selection process is
one of identifying those applicants who are best qualified for a
specific graduate program, based upon a review of each applicant’s
file and number of openings in the research programs in that field.
Your academic preparation and scholarship, letters of recommendation,
expressed interests and objectives, and other supporting materials in
your file have all been taken into consideration during the
committee’s review process.

Although we are unable to act favorably upon your application, we
appreciate your interest in our graduate program.

Graduate Student Admissions Coordinator
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
University of California, Irvine


5 thoughts on “UCI來電

  1. 排名第六是真的,不過個人覺得意義不大 😛 不知道你的領域在USC/UCI是不是也只是修修課而已,假如是的話,看看有甚麼課值得修吧



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